Music… is there more to it?

Have you ever heard music? Of course you have! What kind of question is that!(and if by any chance you haven’t, you are not human!)
Do u think it has the power to make u more alive? I do. I had an experience today,
while I was sleeping my sister came into the room with a speaker playing music and I woke up with the urge to move, sing, and dance.
I’ve been reading a book called ‘Brain Rules’ which has an entire chapter dedicate to ‘music’. The chapter starts with the story of Henry Dryer, a 96-year-old dementia patient who was described by neurologist Oliver Sacks as depressed and almost un-alive. But that one day, as part of a project helping elderly people reconnect by listening to music they love, Henry was given an iPod full of music and as soon as he heard the music his eyes grew wide, his face lit up, and he started singing with a huge smile on his face. “In some sense Henry has restored himself and he remembers who he is” says Dr. Sacks. So, what exactly is music? Scientists actually don’t know how to define it or why it exists because music is different for old and for young, for you and for me. Seth Horowitz, in his book ‘The Universal Sense’, titled a chapter ‘Ten Dollars To The First Person who can Define Music (and Get a Musician,a Psychologist, a Composer,a Neurologist and Someone listening to an iPod to Agree….)’. Some scientists also think we were born musical,we all have seen how babies respond to music,laughing and dancing in glee.
The Harvard professor, Steven Pinker, begs to differ by saying “Like music, people love cheesecake, and they have for a very long time. But this doesn’t mean that the brain has a region specifically dedicated to cheesecake.” While we don’t know how to define music and we don’t know what it does, there seems to be no reason why we can’t still enjoy it anyway!


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