Why Run……..

“The bad news is Time flies, The good news is you’re the Pilot”
– Michael Altshule

People keep on saying that they live in the present and that we should too but the only thing that I think lives in the present is,”TIME”.
We always want time to do thing which is beyond its capability….
We want it to go back,go fast,go slow,to stop..the list goes on. We’re always like,
“Time,can you please go back that one day”
And time is like,
“That one hour”
“That one minute”
“Just that second”
“Nu-huh,you should’ve done,what you could’ve done”
“Your Evil,Time”
Yes, that’s the kind of conversation that goes on between us and Time but I think Time is always giving us lessons.
I watched this movie a month ago,called,”About Time” in which a father and a son share a secret about time travel and the son makes his life almost perfect with it but his father gives him one last advice before he dies and he tells him to go through the day as he normally would , wake up, go to work, have food, sleep but then go through the day again but this time noticing every single thing and after that day onwards the son never used time travel ever again because he never felt like he needed to. When you are noticing and living every moment why will one need to use time travel?
I’ve noticed that Time gives us one simple lesson,”To be like it”when you are living in the moment,like I think time does, you don’t have to change it,just like time ….


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