A lot of people get very annoyed when movies cut out so many scenes from the books, they are also the same people who do not like someone who has only seen the movies, or as I like to call them, ‘Death Eaters’ (because I’m a big Harry Potter fan). Don’t tell me that I’m wrong! My friend, is one of the harshest death eater I have ever come across ,and as for me I was a muggle born up till now a.k.a someone who has only seen the movies but now am on my way to becoming a pure blood a.k.a someone who has read the books and also seen the movies. I think you can image how it has been like for me then! I was getting sick of the Death Eaters every single time we talked about Harry Potter so I started my journey to becoming a pure blood but on the way I asked myself, why are the movie adaptations different from the books?, so I researched a little and found some really valid answers that I had never thought about! Here we go:

1) Time Spacing– the average time an average reader will take to finish a book is 20+ hours but in the movies they have to show every thing in just 1.5 – 2 hours!

2) Hooking The Audience-   

“ What is the test of a good story? give it to a boy or girl of thirteen or fourteen to read, and if they don’t get beyond page one, consider it a flop.”

               -Ruskin Bond in ‘Thrilling Tales’

In books, the authors need to hook people from the first page, whereas, in movies people are more or less already interested in watching the movie! They have seen the trailer, they know what the main concept is about and won’t leave till at least the intermission and that also only if it really stinks!

3) Imagination- People complain that books are better because we use our own imagination. If there is a house in the book, an Indian will imagine an Indian house, and a Brit will think of a British house. But, in movies we are dictated by the director’s or the writer’s imagination, not knowing that the directors/writers make the scenes in a particular way in order to attract a wider range of people. They will make the house similar to what  the majority of the viewers might have thought it to be.

4) Description- Books consume a lot of time in descriptions. Describing a room might take a whole chapter but, on screen it doesn’t need much describing because we are already seeing it!

5) Technical Issues- There are some scenes which are difficult to show or cost a lot of money, so the producers find it easier to cut that scene. Also sometimes, the movie is made long after the book got published, and if it’s relevance doesn’t match up with today’s era, it is cut out. Like in one Spiderman comic book, Spiderman is shown saving someone from the twin towers but as the movie was made after 9/11 and the twin towers no longer existed, they changed it to some other building.

In the end, I have realized that after all this research I have gained knowledge and information and who doesn’t want that! But more importantly though, I have also learnt that you can only gain knowledge if you ask questions.

“Even now, forty years later, I’ve never stopped questioning.”

                    – Ed Catmull in ‘Creativity,Inc.’


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